Former IPS officer returns her medal and certificate to Mamata Banerjee

Former IPS officer returns her medal and certificate to Mamata Banerjee

The former IPS officer Bharati Ghosh has returned a medal and certificate for commendable service saying that she does not needs those to prove her caliber and stated  that she has joined the BJP to work and not for any position.

The medals and certificated were given as an honor by the West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee  on  15th August, 2014.

The IPS Officer  once  had described  the chief minister Mamata Banerjee as the “mother” of  Maoist-dominated areas of West Bengal but in the year 2017  she  resigned as she was  being transferred to a less significant post and faced CID investigation on  extortion charges.

The 51-year-old IPS has now  joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on February 4 in New Delhi. She alleged rule of thugs has replaced democracy in her home state.

On February 28, she  visited West Midnapore, a district in West Bengal  accompanied by BJP National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya.

Certificates and Medals Sent By Mail

The former IPS Officer  said that  she sent the medal and certificate by mail on Wednesday and that also  wrote  a letter to the chief minister saying  that “she should have  returned those much earlier”.

She further added that “The chief minister’s office declined to accept them when she  sent the medal and certificate through a messenger. So  she had to dispatched them through Speed Post.

She wrote to Chief Minister

“My work speaks and  I don’t need such medals. I hope other officers and future officers, in any department be it in Administrative Service or Police , will follow  this example and will  return their medals when they become victims of state politics or injustice,” she wrote to the chief minister.

“I would have returned the  Medal much earlier but the damage and sack by CID officers on 1st Feb2018 in my matrimonial residence at Naktala left my residence in a shattered condition,” she wrote, adding the medal was dumped by CID officers “under a pile of remnants.”

What General Secretary of  BJP, Bengal Unit has said.

The General Secretary of  BJP’s Bengal unit  Sayantan Basu said the return of the medal by former IPS Officer  shows unconcern  and disgrace by the government to officers.

He also  refereed  to  another former IPS officer Gaurav Dutt, who  wrote a letter to Cheif Minister and committed suicide on this year Feb19 after alleging shame, ill-treatment and dis-allowance of justice for ten years.


Ghosh was named in seven FIRs filed in police stations

Though Bharti Ghosh was believed to be close to the chief minister, their relationship acidified  after the results of the Sabang assembly b ypoll in West Midnapore district where she was the superintendent of police for six years.

She was  then transferred to the apparently less significant post of a battalion commandant of State Armed Police on 26th Dec 2017. Then she resigned from the service on next year  28th Dec , 2017.

Last year, Ghosh was named in seven FIRs filed in police stations in West Midnapore on charges of stealing  and illegal exchange of banned currency notes. The investigation was later handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

The FIRs were in connection with an incident of 2016 in which gold was allegedly taken from a trader who is a resident of the district Midnapore. Four officers of ranks  inspector and sub-inspector , who were co-accused in the cases, were arrested last year.

In August 2018, CID officers also raided the house which belonged to her husband MAV Raju. And they arrested her husband too.

Ghosh went underground for several months until the Supreme Court granted her protection from arrests.

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