Proposal to declare Masood Azhar Global Terrorist.

Proposal to declare JEM's Masood Azhar Global Terrorist.

Attempts to declare JEM’s Masood Azhar Global Terrorist. 

India is in touch with China to make an opinion in the United Nations on the proposal to declare Jaish-e-Mohammed Masood Azhar a global terrorist and banning him. An attempt is being made to persuade China that it supports the proposal brought by the United States, Britain and France in the United Nations.

With this, Masood Azhar could get duped. On the list, the global travel ban on Masood will be banned and his property will be seized. Even before this, the proposal has been brought in this regard. But due to China’s opposition, there was no success in trying to declare Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. Sources said that we have tried to take China into confidence. They have also been given evidence. Sources said that so far China has not convinced India from its stand. India will continue to try to persuade China in this regard. According to sources, it is difficult to say what China will do, but India will not leave any stone unturned to create a consensus on the head of JS.

US, UK, France introduced new proposal for ban on terrorist Masood Azhar.

America, Britain and France have brought proposals.In view of the way diplomatic pressure India has created since the Pulwama attack, the three permanent members of the United States, the United States, Britain and France are considered as significant. Throughout the world the Pulwama attack has been condemned and the role of Jaish has been accepted in the attack. Jaish took responsibility for his own attack. Because of this, there is pressure on China this time too. China also signed the proposal for condemning the Pulwama attack on behalf of the United Nations.

India’s stand against Pakistan and terrorism has got mixed with China and Russia. Referring to the Pulwama terror attack in 16th Russia, China, India (RIC), Sushma surrounded Pakistan on the issue of terrorism. On this international forum, Sushma said, “The terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed has been behind the Pulwama attack and now it is time for Zero Tolerance on terror.”

Sushma Swaraj also met her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi. After the meeting, the Chinese Foreign Minister jerked his friend Pak, saying that we would cooperate in reducing the land of terrorism and extremism. In the meeting of Russia and Chinese Foreign Ministers, Sushma Swaraj said why India had to enter Pakistan and take action against destroying terror hideouts.

China not given Pak concrete assurance.

Pak Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, after a few hours of ‘Jaish-e-Mohammed’ destroying bases in Balkot, cried to his respected Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the telephone while speaking to him. It is said that Chinese Foreign Minister Wang listened carefully to Qureshi’s talks but did not give any assurance. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said that China has appealed to India and Pakistan to exercise restraint. He has specifically said to India that he continues the fight against terrorism with international cooperation.

China ready to help everybody against terrorism.

On the other hand, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi surprised his dear friend Pak and said that he is ready for all possible help against terrorism. He clarified that “if China’s interests are successful, then it can change its position.” A diplomat said that China can tell his friend Pak that he has helped Beijing with a conflict with India. Do not expect. He could just give it limited on the economic front.

Confirming the strong opposition to terrorism, India, Russia and China said in a joint statement that terror groups should not be used in any way as political and geo-political targets. According to the statement, those who take terror acts should be held accountable and they should be lodged in the court of justice. In the 16th meeting of RIC Foreign Ministers, the three countries strongly condemned terrorism.

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