Raseel Gujral and Navin Ansal essay: Being someone’s first love is great, but being someone’s last love is beyond perfect! | brunch | feature

Raseel married very young, and later realised that she and her then husband were not suited for each other. Navin married for all the right reasons, but even 10 years together with his then wife could not sort out their incompatibility issues. Now known as one of Delhi’s power couples, Raseel and Navin began their relationship as business partners, founding the interior design firm, Casa Paradox. Five years later, the two took one more step together, this time to love, and by now they have celebrated 27 wedding anniversaries with their family of three children and a household that even includes Navin’s former wife.

“[At the time we got married] Iwas old enough to understand what would work for me even though I wasn’t looking for a life partner. But it felt so right!” —Raseel Gujral

Navin, 61, had been a bit apprehensive about marrying for a second time, feeling that the legal tie might destroy the beauty of their love for each other. Raseel, 54, however, had no such doubts. “I was old enough to understand what would work for me even though I wasn’t looking for a life partner,” says Raseel. “But it just felt so right. It was like I had found my best friend.”

Years later, Navin tells us that his fears were unfounded. “Raseel reaffirmed my belief in the idea that we can have a fabulous life regardless of ups and downs,” he says. “We both are very impatient, stubborn and very self-built, yet we can’t live without each other.”

Love, hate, tolerate

Raseel: I love his goodness and hate his anger because he gets very loud.

Navin: I hate nothing about her. She gives me my space. What I like best about our relationship is that we don’t have any ego issues.

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From HT Brunch, February 10, 2019

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First Published: Feb 11, 2019 18:00 IST

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